Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin once claimed that PM Najib would lead Malaysia into a dictatorship after Mahathir left UMNO, during the time that this duo was dismissed from UMNO. It is like a warning of PM Najib’s desire to take total control over the party and thus the country. Are they true as claimed?

When the 165,000 UMNO members from grassroots were given the opportunity to vote for their leadership and this new electoral system started from Prime Minister Najib, yet the majority voted him to remain as their president, can you consider him a dictator?

Compared to the “quota and bonus votes” system in the days of Dr Mahathir as President for 22 years, is this not his strategy to keep his position as the president as long as he is in power? Will a dictator allows the grassroot members to decide their leaders?

As a result, PM Najib won unopposed as the President and Muhyiddin remained the Deputy President and this is the decision of UMNO members nationwide. Is this not enough to prove that UMNO is not PM Najib’s sole belongings?

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