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Zamkata called it THE STAR IS A THORN IN THE FLESH but I would call it, A BETRAYAL! Yes, and it is delibrate.
Who owns The Star?
As written HERE, The Star is majority-owned by the Malaysian Chinese Association, the second-largest party in the ruling Barisan Nasional alliance. Its major competitors are the New Straits Times and The Sun, both tabloids.
Further, its confirmed by Helen Ang where you can find  how MCA's mouthpiece has given numerous the 'looking good' and 'holier than thou' coverage for DAP. One of them is as below;


The Group Chief Editor of The Star, Datuk Wong Chun Wai has called on the government to not penalise those who did not vote for the ruling party in the 13th general election. 

In his article in The Sunday Star yesterday, he said “Malaysians have made their choices. The victors have plenty of work to do and the least of their concern should be to talk about punishing those who did not vote for them. 

“It is the people’s right to vote for anyone or any party. A general election is any party is about the right to choose. 

“No one should be made to feel pressured or threatened, in any way, simply because they did not vote for the winning ruling party,” he said. 

Note: It is not a surprise of The Star did not show its commitment to MCA since the 2008 Tsunami , compared with the attitude shown by Utusan Malaysia. Have you ever read any feature written by Wong Chun Wai, the Group Editor of the The Star and also that of Group Editor II Leanne L.Y. Goh and its managing director criticizing DAP or the opposition pact. 

What is the purpose of MCA owning The Star ? For political interest or solely for business interest? 

Those given the rersponsibility have betrayed the trust given to them. They prefer to favour the opposition parties. I receive news that several senior editors in The Star could no longer contain their disappointment and frustration when BN was declared the winner on May 5, despite initially jumping with joy when the Pakatan Rakyat was leading. 

Does the media management division at the Prime Minister’s Department aware of this? And does PMO also realised about whats going on in Yahoo Malaysia too?

You can click HERE .... and from which sources filled the whole column other than Malaysia Kini only. Yes, theres the Star who is supposed to be be pro-government mouthpiece but subscribed most to anti-government reporting.

Can we just rely on Bernama alone? Bernama is just a reporting agency but what about opiniated columns as strongly published for MalaysiaKini  and Malaysia Insider?

Why is NST, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia not in Yahoo Malaysia? Where is the balanced reporting for BN's news?

Lets have a look at Yahoo Singapore....

How many can you find news and articles thats against the government as compared to Yahoo Malaysia when every now and then, all that they would portray are just the opposite of the government.

I cant agree more that due to all these and PM's media office being ignorant or perhaps convenient that Najib's and government's messages to rakyat are not equally disseminated.

Government being lenient to these opposition news portal doesnt seems that they will produce fair reportings and writings. All they did was just to leverage and spin to the maximum knowing that government could be ignorant and no action will be taken since they are enjoying press freedom.

How lenient is our government? All these opposition news portals would just publish an apology for misquoting and at times they would not even care to extract such misquoted articles and left for readers to be mislead further.

Recently, as blogged by Dato Rocky's Bru on Putting words into the PM's mouth.... is one of best example on some sloppy journalism, Najib Razak has been quoted to have said something he never did.

To PM's media officers, please act now or we might once again face the ugly perceptions for the next 5 years... and this time, it could be even worse!

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