Monday, November 21, 2016


Not only Bersih’s demands are no longer relevant, yet the ongoing struggle is deemed to be fraudulent. PM Najib is spot on to assert that it is thus the ofpposition’s theatrical to exert Bersih rally into their gutter political practices.

Look no further, when Penang and Selangor are now the oppositions led government, elected through a clean and fair electoral process, why is the need to reform the system that has always appeared in Bersih’s demands? If Bersih is not under the thumb of the opposition leaders, why would they skip Penang and Selangor in their mass road-tours?

The agenda is obvious when the need to make inroads in other parts of the ruling party Barisan Nasional states for the oppositions to prepare for the soon general election. Is this not apparent enough to what our PM Najib’s claim that Bersih is the opposition leaders’ puppet?

Above all, why are the opposition leaders denying their own victory in Penang and Selangor should they follow through Bersih’s demands? Once again, their gutter agendas are about deliberately deceiving the people by exploiting a supposedly bipartisan NGO to campaign on their behalf.

It is pertinent that PM Najib pointed out when Bersih call to fight against corruption but at the same time, they are endorsing Guan Eng as one of their icons who is now charged with his corruption practices and abuse of power. Why?

Guan Eng is not only the Chief Minister of Penang but he is also sitting in the most powerful position in DAP. With his proven wrongdoing practices, is Bersih actually fighting against or for corrupt leaders? Therefore, why the need to include such corrupt DAP leaders?

In his statement, PM Najib too has pointed out to us that in all Bersih rallies, the opposition leaders never failed to appear that eventually led the supposed peaceful assembly into riots and Malaysia have witnessed bloodshed tragedy too. Bersih committee could delude us that their rallies were hijacked but all the way through from their first until the fourth rally, they gladly allowed them.

Among others that PM Najib has instantiated, the second Bersih rally witnessed how Bersih participants terrorising our capital city Kuala Lumpur until the police were assaulted and their vehicles were overturned. The following third rally, participants crashed into police barricades upon the opposition leaders summons that resulted into a commotion, and the latest is the obvious show that Bersih is the opposition puppet when they paraded to oust the ruling party.

Tell us, which part that PM Najib is wrong in his judgment to prove that Bersih is the opposition puppet and their struggles are fraudulent? The opposition lawmakers are elected by the rakyat meant to serve them and safeguard their well-being and unlike them, PM Najib and his team are doing now… a struggle in the true sense for us Malaysians.

Sources : PRU14

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Anonymous said...

Permainan politik Akta355 sudah lama digunakan UMNO untuk memancing undi orang orang islam/melayu sejak tahun 1986 lagi....
Permainan politik ini diteruskan dengan memperbodohkan PAS sebagai macai baru. Sudah berbelas kali Jawatankuasa Teknikal ditubuhkan, pi mai pi mai tang tuuu jugak.

Umno memerlukan macai baru untuk "re-fresh" permainan isu ini. Kesian ahli ahli PAS berketuakan macai UMNO.