Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The “I never hate Mahathir” from Kit Siang is now welcomed for Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali seems to be “I never hate that Katak” no more and ever. Both bosses from DAP and Perkasa handshake and exchanged smiles were photographed and appeared in the Sin Chew Daily has caught attentions of the nations and especially the majority Chinese supporters for DAP.

The question now is, have both of them been courting behind the scene secretly? What happened to those abusive words thrown over each other and is this another gambit from Kit Siang just to affect the Chinese voters?

What a load of hypocrites. Apart from Kit Siang enthusiasm to hold hands with Dr Mahathir, it is now that the Malay leftist group Perkasa seems marching together and DAP is willing to compromise with them.

The Chinese community were not once but too many times deceived by DAP when they failed terribly to boost the Chinese moral in the eyes of the nation. In most times, DAP has managed to woo the Chinese votes with only their harsh doctrine strategies that they are capable not only to capture Putrajaya and lead the move but has always ended up to no avail.

Failing to subdue PAS, DAP agreed to form Parti Amanah for reject leaders from their own party election and now courting the Malay leftist group Perkasa. What the Chinese community did not know is that this group has never represent majority Malays or even so associated to UMNO. Perkasa is as frailed as Amanah and they are weak in morals and characters too.

With Kit Siang-Mahathir declaration and Perkasa combination, how sure that they will succeed to change the government when for all we knew Dr Mahathir has even lost support terribly with the Malays from UMNO and PAS and will the Chinese still fall back on Kit Siang’s lip? Is this not a double-cross to the Chinese?

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William Wang said...

Your article is for the satisfaction of corrupted, extremist and racist Ketuanans. Good that they feel happy and elated about it. There is no cure for people who writes with poison pen for those who wants to run down the country. I hope you wake up soon for your family and future generations. I do realise there is a difference between muslim and non. Non-muslim esp., people of chinese decent the world over, live for future generations.