Monday, June 09, 2014


The devil deals... who are you?

It is with great surprise and quite embarassing thus humiliating when as a rakyat we can no longer depend on the authority.  Utusan Malaysia has writen series of reporting about the devil among these officers which started yesterday and will be continued til Tuesday.

Article titled "Perangi 'musuh' dalam selimut" on page 9 in Mingguan Malaysia, should be given serious thoughts and actions.

Heres the excerpt;
"... bagaimana terdapat kelemahan dan penyalahgunaan kuasa termasuk dalam kalangan agensi penguatkuasa sehingga memungkinkan usaha membanteras kegiatan jahat itu menghadapi kesukaran."

In other words, the devil does exist and this 'kegiatan jahat', we are referring to oil smuggling happens in bright light within our land, at the border and at the most lucrative spot - the international water. It seems that the sindicates are working hand in hand with our authorities and as a result, the talks to curb such smuggling could just put to rest.

What is going on actually and who are involved? The article is not baseless when informations are gathered first handedly within the radar that might alert the special task force team.

Corruption with plain sailing BIG money is the answer. It is learned that these syndicates are protected to the extent every operation efforts will meet at dead ends when there are stooges among the enforcements who would revealed its secrecy.

There come to an instant when a company business license caught expired for over a year but was renewed within a few hours. It does need magic hands to materialise them and thats how government efforts to curb smuggling and corruption failed.

A confession on page 13 from the same newspaper titled "Kenapa saya terlibat?" started with a statement... WHAT CHOICE DO I HAVE? The contractor involved confessed that to have a smooth deal he was not given any choice but to feed these officers to their demands and regard it as a 'token'. They were pressured with no choice or they would face with various problems posed.

The anonymous also mentioned that he need to spend RM20,000 monthly without fail for these officers should he wishes his business uninterrupted.

With such exposure, it is learnt that majority wholesalers practised such token to our enforcement officers hence a more juicy revenues are waiting ahead. By law subsidised diesel are purchased at RM1.83 each litre dan selling in the black market within RM2.40 until RM2.70 per litre.

According to this article, the offer from existing buyers are too juicy to refuse even if it would persist corruption widespread among authority officers.

Who to be blame and why the total blame should only be pointed to these companies? When authorities raid the companies, why was audit not carried out 

Should the government is very serious to foil subsidiesed fuel smuggling, they need to start from the core of its problem and that is to stop any forms of rampant corrupt officers activities. Make no mistake about it, petrol station operators are just the tip of the iceberg.

Therefore, this will be more challenging for the special taskforce to deal with when we know the devil exists within the authority.

On the other hand, shouldnt this also be part of our concerned and who are these devils? The same question posted in earlier article and its time that government and public declare war against the devils in our enforcement agencies.

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