Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Calling all bloggers and viewers to support SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA ... Each blogger who feels that they share the common aim of this campaign, please do not hesitate to use the logo in your blog...

Wise Thoughts shared by fellow bloggers :

1. Initiated by DemiNegara
2. Melentur Buluh biarlah dari rebung by Lawyer Kampung
3. Is there a reason to say NO? by PureS
4. To those who love this nation by JebatMustDie
5. Racial prejudice - malays are lazy, indians spin and chinese are greedy by PiggySingh

Finally, don't say NO and sign the petition here and my number is 101...

1 comment:

Singh Is Kinng said...


It isn't insomnia, I'm now working on my presentation.

I wonder what will be the reaction of pillar bloggers glorifying bangsa malaysia like loone and the sub-species when the news gets to them.

One thing I can be certain, this is not a political agenda. It is an effort initiated by Demi Negara.