Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen

I proudly present the new brand or is it a rebranding of our dearest KJ. It was launched officialy after the new UMNO Pemuda Chief was annouced. Its a tribute to their new elected Chief from the grassroots and supporters of UMNO...

The rebranding or new brand for KJ was heard humming all the way through UMNO's annual meet plus some chorus of booo from the mass...

I once wrote, whenever anyone in Malaysia in particular mentioned the word 'penyapu', someone just strike our mind... and now the word RASUAH is so comparable and synonymous to KJ...

Am I wrong?

What the clip has to say? But my fellow blogger, Piggy has brilliant suggestions thou! Lets find out...

Not forgetting, pro-KJ's fellow bloggers, thanks for the rebranding of your boss. I wont deny, IT SELLS WELL!!!


Singh Is Kinng said...


Did you notice sombongnye Wenger, siap bagi warning - in his latest entry he gave certain time frame for cease-fire because the game Setiakawn vs Berani Berubah is already over. However he admitted before that I never was a fan of Berani Berubah.

About the humiliation. It wasn't the article Wenger wrote that humiliates me. He accused me of being Azalina's trooper, which I could simply laugh to it. The threat sounds genuine, and being a person who knows only two things, home and work, I thought it was for real.

When I sought for advice the issue became known to famous bloggers like Tok Sak and all. Later Wenger claimed it was only a joke, and that was the time humiliation came.

I learnt I've got to slow down coz work and family were timely affected.

But I'm back now.

Well MANTRAS, if KJ is a brand for a young politician, the synonym that goes very well with it is CORRUPTION. Oppsss... KJ is a politician.



Tok Onn said...

Salam Mantra and Piggy,

I guess Mr. Wenger is still drowsy from hangover celebrating his brand KJ latest KPUMNO 3 years contract. Someone is having balls in the neon lights of Heritage Kalabul Malami, are we????

On the genuine definition by wenger, i'd be most humble if i can add something to his overflowing coffer of defining and redifining as 'jenuh win' for all the hard earned rakyat money thrown into the pool of 1B2BPMBy40 project, yep another KJ brand.

That aside, I'd buy the brand Piggy Singh anytime over that useless 'now you see it, now you don't' KJ aladin brand.

mantra-indeeptots said...

Salam Piggy

He requested the same in JMD, but JMD left him with a question... why none pro-KJ bloggers replied to PKR's crtics... I supposed JMD didnt get the game here...

I didnt know you are a fan of Azalina... hehehe

mantra-indeeptots said...

Salam Tok Onn

I believe they are sober now... Now they should be back to their super-master's camp - DSAI, mission accomplished!

1B2BPMBy40 - i supposed thats the sales code or is it 1st prize for 4D?

Singh Is Kinng said...

Salam MANTRA and Tok Onn,

Tok Onn I'm curious what were you doing at Heritage Kalabu Malami? Hope that you were there not for celebration, or better still Maya Karin! Ha ha ha

And Tok Onn if possible you could add more English to 1B2BPMBy40 project, and I thank in advance for that.

MANTRA, I'd thought before that I should get close to Azalina so that I could get access to the HAREM of Putri UMNOs, just like KJ got close to the daughter so that he could get closer to father-in-law. Ha ha ha!!!


mantra-indeeptots said...


Great to know you are still grinning!

Sure Azalina allow you to even have a peep at her puteris?

pssst... Che Det has one anak dara available.. one adopted from afghanistan... Pls dont tell this to KJ... there goes yr chances, Piggy!

Tok Onn said...

Salam Mantra and Piggy,

Just came back from lunch.

Ahh.. apology are in order for my lack of clarification of the battle cries banner of the setia kat wang clan.

1B2BPMBy40 alludes to the 1 Billion ringgit KJ is supposed to be planning to spend in order to achieve his ambition 2 B the youngest PM by the age 40.

I know Sak and Wenger know this (the slogan)in an instance (because they never questioned or ask for clarification when I comment the same in their blogs, unlike u two)

What I know during the UMNO GA, some of the 1B fund amounting to RM 30 mil was spent in a last minute ditch to secure MOU's from G2 perwakilan....and in carpet bombing fashion.

Sorry, if you two have yet to hear.

Piggy, maybe if you can change the comment option in your blog, pls do to accord anon commentator equal opportunity to express their thoughts.

A lot of them has good reason for being anon.

OK Catch you guys around later.

mantra-indeeptots said...

Tok Onn

Its very obvious, since Dato' Sak did not respond... they are telling us its confirmed.

15K before and 15K after in room 3302... strike anything to you? Or they wish to deny too?

For me, I will have to screen certain comments since previously the Wenger boys has been sending nonsense...

I have no problem with anonymous as long as its pure critcal and sincere

Singh Is Kinng said...

Salam MANTRA And Tok Onn,

About the things occurring in the room 3302, any CCTVs that recorded people coming and going? Some people thought stories like this will somehow go away. But not me, crush and keep crushing though KJ now is crying helplessly.

Tok Onn, you could see how naive I am with political codes. Perhaps I never meant to be a writer analysing politics. All I could say the conscience drives me further proceed.

I'll make it open to anon for my next entry. The reason for restricting comments is that I've been attacked before with hundreds of pornograpic spams.