Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Salam to dear UMNO friends and delegates and leader to be;

I left this comment in JebatMustDie recent posting.

Dato' Seri Najib's full text speech in English and Bahasa Malaysia:

1. "We lost the two-thirds majority in Parliament for the first time since Barisan Nasional was formed more than three decades ago. It is an awful and bitter truth, but a truth none the less and one which we must accept."

... Najib humbly accepted this unlike Abdullah arrogantly denying his failure
2. "Obviously there must have been a reason why a large number of the rakyat who once walked along side Umno, have since changed their direction."

... Abdullah will always blame it on the rakyat

3. "If we do not heed this message, their seething anger will become hatred and in the end this may cause them to abandon us altogether.

... What Abdullah used to say? JANGAN CABAR SAYA!

4. "Indeed, what is the point of winning party positions within a party that is bereft of authority and is no longer in power?"

... to whom it may concern, please stamp your feet to the ground that a thief will always remain known a thief!
5. "that Umno’s leaders are elitist and out of touch with the people. "

... UMNO is out of touch with the people - once my favorite slogan and for this the rakyat. If UMNO wishes to play the political game with the rakyat… and the rakyat play by your track record.
6. "...under the leadership of Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has displayed unwavering commitment whatever the circumstances ... just because of a temporary excitement over contests for party posts."

... Ill go for Rafidah!

7. "Like it or not, we cannot regard the new media as our enemy."

.... once bloggers stamped as BERUK by KJ, now he is one main BERUK!
8. "and the placement of the interest of the larger community over and above the interests of the individual."

... SPOT ON!

9. "The people depend on us as a party that will provide leadership and solve their problems."

... leadership is about the leader who will take the blame and not chicken out for his decision... FAMILIAR?

Last but not least,

10. "....we must change for the benefit of the people. We must dare to change "



Ti Lian Ker said...

Mukhriz is many people's choice. I think Najib wants him to change the people's perception of UMNO Youth i.e.arrogant,brash,spoiled,corrupted, etc said...

KJ dah menang...itu le tuah namanye

MANTRA said...

YB Ti...

How would KJ face the rakyat if the same tribute he received as in my latest post?

Remember... thats just tiny part of the Malaysians..

MANTRA said...


KJ dah menang... tuah baginya tapi rebah bagi UMNO...

Dengar tak sorakan di posting saya?