Thursday, September 08, 2016


We shall not question if Anwar is whole-hardheartedly willing to put behind all that he and his family have suffered in the past 18 years from his former boss’s maltreatment but what Anwar and PKR supporters should be very cautious, even their struggles have aligned with Dr Mahathir’s, who should benefit most, Anwar or Dr Mahathir? It cannot be both for there should only be one captain or the oppositions should expect a new series of infighting and they shall be divided even wider.

It seems Anwar’s reminder that the serpent that stings is not only wearing the crown now but this political animal is also capable of dominating. PKR  will be under his command any sooner. By then it will already be too late for regrets when Anwar has already nourished a serpent in his bosom. As a famous Malay proverbs to depict as a reminder for trusting a serpent consequently ended up as … Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong pula berciciran!

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