Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Leaders in Pakatan Harapan are now torn between Anwar and Dr Mahathir and it is so significant that Anwar had to equate Dr Mahathir from Shakespeare’s Hemlet line – The serpent that did sting, now wears the crown to illustrate Dr Mahathir as the wicked and deceitful Claudius who lied of a serpent biting and killing his brother was believed by all of Denmark which satisfied him completely.

It is a choice between both devils and both have their ulitimate objectives that everyone knew they are vengeful at each other. There is still a great deal of rancor between these two feuding seasoned politicians and eventually, it is the rakyat that will suffer and had to pay a very high price but they remained rapacious stalwarts. At best with an open mind, we ought to reject both!

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You cannot argue on bended knees