Tuesday, January 12, 2016


“As a responsible government, we will continue to make the right decisions, though not popular, in the best interest of the rakyat and the nation”, that was said by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib in his 2016 Budget speech which refers to GST. Today he has proven that his ‘right decision’ is justified... how so?
While PM Najib has comprehensive measures to ease rakyat’s burden in the face of rising living cost, Guan Eng in his response has shown his usual spiteful statement that is utterly rubbish to cite that the GST has saved the prime minister but not Malaysians. PM Najib has delivered to sustain our national’s income and what has been done by Guan Eng for the people of Penang apart from brokering Penang island to foreigners for his political agenda and persecute the locals?

To save the nation’s economy is not supposed to be politicised by anyone. As such, Guan Eng should name us one program from his DAP state government that is truly meant to ease his Penang people’s living burden. Unless there is none, Guan Eng should be thankful and nod to PM Najib’s unpopular GST regime but yet essential and beneficial.

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