Thursday, May 22, 2008


Isu terhangat terkini di pasaran tentang Tun M keluar parti.. ramai yang nak bercakap dan ramai jugak yang tiba-tiba rajin membaca. Surat khabar laris dan lebih laris dari goreng pisang panas. Dari Menteri hinggalah drebar teksi, hari-hari tunggu sape menteri seterusnye nak buat cerita.Rasa-rasanya, pak menteri kita dah tak berani nak bercakap banyak-banyak pasal Tun. Memang mereka tak berani, salah satu sebabnya, Tun dah pandai berpantun;

Tepuk dulang paku serpih.
Katakan orang awak yang lebih.
- (Blog Che Det)

Antara ramai tokoh-tokoh UMNO yang suke bercakap untuk menunjukkan betapa hebatnye dia bercakap, para wartawan terlupa hendak minta yang seorang ini suruh bercakap. Tiba-tiba, dia tidak bercakap dan bila jengok blog dia pun.. tidak ada apa pun yang dia cakap.

Memang dia tidak bercakap fasal isu Tun M keluar parti, tapi seperti biasa, dia dah hantar peluru minta wartawan jangan bercakap. Why is Chun Wai getting calls on stories about Tun Dr. Mahathir? Lagi banyak wartawan bercakap, Tun M akan lebih popular di kalangan rakyat dan paling digeruni bila Tun M mula membelek-belek buku '555' nya.

Go ahead Tun, we the rakyat always welcome your 'Hard Talk' and i quote your saying,
"You can try to shut me out but I have got a big mouth. I am going to use this big mouth. They will try to stay in power but one day truth will prevail. They will pay a price for converting the Malaysian government into a family government of ... Abdullah Ahmad Badawi" - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Oleh yang demikian, peringatan untuk semua yang suke bercakap,
jawapan untuk pantun Tun M -
Sepuluh budak hitam makan buah delima.
Jaga-jaga pak menteri semua...

Tun dah buka balik 'BUKU TIGA LIMA'...


Anonymous said...

So much have been said by mahathir and about mahathir..
He is a statesman, and by continuous spatting on aab.. it show that they both are class apart..
Aab since holding the helm of the nation have continuously reminded citizens to think like the 1st world nation..
1st nations leaders of political parties take full responsibilities.. either by stepping down or commit harakiri(japanese style).. not just clinging and smiling.. which resembles a clown and at time looks like the down syndrome idiot..
The way I see the reopening of the triple five book by mahathir.. is to show the world that it was him the biggest idiot who appointed the present idiot..
When he was the PM.. he destroyed the monarch.. by making the DYMM YDP Agong nothing more than a cuckoo bird.. he then raped the judiciary and make judges act like jesters & got the frog MP to summons the CJ..
What does the Lingam Tape shows??
I remembered those Maha Firaun websites.. Mahathir is worse than FIRAUN.. The Sodomy issue that once decorated front pages.. had actually stained & corrupted the minds of the Nation's children..
which has never ever happened in any civilised nation on planet earth...
I conclude that these events are timely... UMNO was created to defend the rights of the Malays..
Mahathir used the invisible ink and add the word 'new'..
and UMNO became a den for thieves.. where members amassed so much wealth.. and the present minister of rural developments an MB then.. was arrested in down under with some millions as pocket money.. and the castles built by UMNO division hesds.. who are the culprits that have shown disrespect to the Malay Rulers..
its UMNO..
so the call by umno veteran tan sri aziz tapa calling on DYMM YDP Tuanku Mizan to mediate is an insult to the king...
UMNO members forget history...
The lost kingdoms of maya.. maccu piccu.. the pahlavi dynasty.. and what happened to the malay kingdom of Malaka..
the reopening of the triple five book marks the beginning of the downfall of UMNO.. and I lov it ..

MANTRA said...

Dear anonymous
Much have been said, much have been written and much have been read.. LET UNVEIL THEIR DOINGS.. AND LET THE RAKYAT SEE BOTH SIDES OF THE COINS..

We shall wait, whats next?