Saturday, May 24, 2008


Can anyone not understand the letter clearly?
The biggest question here is, doesnt anyone knows anything about it?
The scary part is it is in the possesion of Singapore Memorial..

“I wonder whether the Malaysian government took the proper legal advice before subjecting itself to a possible decision of momentous proportions for the country, both politically and psychologically,” he said in a statement today - Karpal Singh, MalaysiaKini

A lost is a lost.. 12 to 4 clearly says that its just not a lost but in actual we failed and why we failed? Are our intelligence are not intelligent enough or are they not prepared? We have won our case before to gain sovereignity over Sipadan and Ligitan.. Didnt they make reference to similar cases?

In deep tots, i will have to agree to Mr Karpal Singh that Malaysia should accept that it has lost out to Singapore both in “dignity and kind”. In the first place, why should we forward this case to ICJ without any other options? Dont ask the rakyat to think.. we pay you to think, remember!!!

Next, Singapore is eyeing on our Pulau Pisang , simply for the same reason, they built, operate and monitor their lighthouse there. Why shouldnt they claim based on same grounds? As it is, our Navy are not allowed to enter the vicinity of the light house nor the jetty leading to it, let alone enter the lighthouse itself. Their duty was merely to observe from a distance the movement of Singaporeans entering and leaving – nothing more than that. And the next next will be.. ????

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