Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tok Yem and Tok Shahrir in the mood for a friendly chat i guess! They need a break too. This is what we call a true "Malaysian" MPs spirit. We can capture these spirit during their break either at the Parliment lobby or cafe. Despite from different political camps either they are in the opposition or the ruling parties, they still have not lost their sense of 'gurau senda'.

Look at the brighter side.. the least our MPs could save the taxpayers money from visiting the aestheticians for a rejuvenate consultation unlike some who did.. ALL SCREAMS AND NO LAUGHS CAN MAKE THE DOCTORS A MILLIONAIRE!!!

Now, who can you capture at this one table? Dr Hatta (PAS), Khalid Samad (PKR), Shabery (BN), Saifudin (PKR) to name a few. Again, our MPs will not tolerate our Malaysian 'pantang' (prohibition; abstinence; to abstain) when it comes to 'nasi bungkus'. Its either they 'pantang jumpa' or they do honour the table manners. Yes, our parents taught us the table manners and i thank also to the spirit of 'nasi bungkus'.

The morale of the story here is, our MPs are always Malaysians. Despite colours, ideologies and religions.. home is where the heart is, we stand by our culture and spirit. So can the rakyat uphold the same thoughts?


bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

...but the feeling is there.

MANTRA said...

we just look at the brighter side once a while..

Misschickenkiller said...

Nice blog. Great post too. Wish i could write like you :D


MANTRA said...

thanks neesha.. practice makes perferct.. just pen yr thoughts.. its wondrous