Sunday, May 18, 2008


The Prince of Darkness.. the prince? No.. No.. he dont deserved that. The darkness.. oh yes, he could melt the juveniles heart like april snow or if not so.. the makciks2 and 'Wans'2 in Rembau.

Thats not the main issue here.. Khairy Jamaluddin is a blogger too finally...

Out of the cage - thats correct, dare yourself KJ after orchestrating behind the curtains...

I pledge, we the rakyat will not be trumpeting your hullabaloo opera... if you need our standing ovation, do represent us in this Bolehland of ours.


pro nobody said...

THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS – Nice name if it is a book. In Negeri Sembilan, normally people use to name dark person as ‘bagindo baro’ (baginda bara) meaning charcoal king. After all, KJ is not that dark. He is just not that fair enough. But please admit that he has that smiling face. Usually only kind people will smile to everyone. He even looked kind. Just hope that he is really kind at heart.

Yes, that is not important anyway. But the issue here is KJ is already or finally turned to be among the bloggers. Someone use to endorse bloggers as ‘goblog’ in javanese. Now we have thousands of blogs around. It’s going to develop more in the near future. So, soon we have to except blogs as part of urban way of life. And also soon we will see one by one dropping the idea of maintaining their blog. I bet you!

Prior to this, rakyat will only flip to certain popular blogs to see what others say bad about others. They even enjoy reading rumours (wind news) which not all are true. Later, they quarrel among them in the blogs. Somebody curse someone and someone cursing somebody. The best part is, almost everybody turn to be a writer. They could not careless about even vulgar words in it.

Don’t mention about grammar and spelling. Too bad to condemn as even my English is horrible. Worse is even Malay guys writing bad Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu you know. Some even went beyond facts and too emotional in their presentation. But most important to them is not the content, but their nicknames’ appearing on the computer screen.

But don’t worry, in the near future, only lists of good one will maintain. Only the truth will be published. It will be a healthy forum session only. So KJ as MP now although won in Rembau, he will not only be talking about Rembau or Negeri Sembilan, but we hope for all of us for the rakyat to evaluate him as potential member of parliament.

By the way, KJ’s name is on the top list of rumours. Yet he won big figure as MP. So when calculating with his rival during the last general election, even with some gang from all over to topple him, proven failed. KJ still won. There’s no second count of result. A popular website had no choice to apologise to him and yet KJ just return with a big smile. No sweat about it at all.

To YB KJ, don’t worry. Let it be that way. Your mission and aims is above all matters. Look back at what Tumasek (now Singapore) had experienced in history during ‘Singapura dilanggar todak’, a brilliant boy who gave the idea to overcome the attack from the sea was murdered. It shows that, whoever trying to be smart or showing off his good idea would not be save enough to survive. Instead, those who had clearly done wrong and proven guilty yet still dragging in court for years. Look closely at all major and serious court cases throughout the year. Most of them are now freed.

So, what is too bad about KJ? He is sure a smart boy. No jumping, no cursing, no blasting on others, but just going on performing his duty as vice UMNO youth leader and MP. So far, it is not him that people attack today, but Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz, Anwar Ibrahim and lastly Mahathir who seems simply causing nuisance to the nation and damaging himself trough jealousy, hatred, revenge and thinking that he is still the Prime Minister.

UMNO people should wave their hand saying bye-bye to him from now on. There will be another bye-bye to him when the time comes. Keep it up KJ, just do it right. Don’t you ever turn around. Your father in-law need healthy support at this difficult moment. We as rakyat, not necessarily UMNO member must be prepared to face the global changes that is taking place now to amend our future. Be a bit loyal to our leaders and nation for goodness sake!

MANTRA said...

Bravo pro nobody..
Well said then done. KJ has to stand on his own, only then the rakyat accept him.. Lets see, what if, KJ is not Pak Lah's son inlaw.. or PakLah is no more the Prime Minister.. the big question here.. can he last?

pro nobody said...


Thank you sis. Off course he is already on his own now. He had managed to find his way through Pak Lah’s family while Pak Lah was only the Deputy Prime Minister when he joint the family. Coincidently Tun Mahathir picked up Pak Lah to be the then Prime Minister. By chance too that KJ took further step to be in line with the vice UMNO youth leader.

No doubt that he carries the prime minister’s shadow along with him. Same thing goes to Najib and Hishamuddin. It’s just because of their father that they are where they are today. Though During Tunku’s time, Tun Razak was always beside him and off course Tun Razak being the best man to become his deputy and later took over the throne as prime minister.

Tunku was well respected by the Malays and other races from the beginning was just because he is from the royal blood. During that time, the royal blooded person was the most respected personnel. He led the way and became the leader. But the rakyat is always demanding for better PM regardless whoever becomes the PM.

Since Najib at that time as the eldest in the family, he too wanted to be somebody and fixed his dream to follow his father’s footstep. As Najib went further, Tun Hussein then took Razak’s place. So, being Hussein’s nephew, Najib’s luck became brighter. At the same time, Hishamuddin has grown up and well qualified to back Najib his cousin.

After all, both of them are not bad as a leader and again relying on their father’s shadow as prime minister. In fact, both of them (cousins) are working hand in hand to reach the top. Both of them are saying to each other ‘see you at the top’ as said by Dale in his book See You At The Top.

Due to certain circumstances, Hussein got to pass the baton to Mahathir which maybe with some sort of will for Mahathir to look after Najib and Hishamuddin. But the time was too soon for Mahathir to hand it over to Najib as there were quite a lot of shortcomings in between. Some know and God knows.

Looking at Anwar who came later to break the hereditary chain of Razak, Najib and Hishamuddin stand floating in prominent places patiently in the waiting list. By the way, Hishamuddin is in the race as today he is fighting for the post of UMNO Vice President while Najib is already the Deputy Prime Minister.

Somehow or rather, Mahathir made it not too obvious to straight away passing the baton to Najib, Pak Lah was then named to be the prime minster with a sort of condition and understanding that Najib must be the deputy. Pak Lah agreed, as just like Mahathir agreed to look after the two gentleman, Najib and Hishamuddin to safely place them at the premier post sooner or later.

But Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy saw this passing baton business is going on and will give no chance to others than the ex prime minister’s link of family member. So what I see right now is the tussle is on going. Anwar and Khairy must interlude to give a fair deal that our nation is not belonged to just a circle of former prime ministers’ son to keep the baton rolling among them.

Worse is when Mukhriz follow suite. He too is already in the race line to compete with those already in the row. Only Khairy and Anwar is not in the circle. Although I don’t believe at all that KJ and Anwar is in a team, but they are sure enough not directly from former prime minister’s soul and blood. KJ is only son-in-law to Pak Lah.

The chain must be broken. That’s the nature it should be. That is what they are up to. It seems that if Anwar were to be the PM, he has already his daughter waiting to be pulled upward and name the first lady prime minister in future. But if KJ were to be the PM, he has nobody yet from his family ring of family to replace him. Except those who are close beside him. He won’t allow Kamal as he has not shown any interest in politic so far. He is only interested to make money of his own.

In Malaysia, or even any part of the world, the most popular figure has the potential possibility to be chosen by the people. That’s why the film star can win if they are involved in politic. Astrada in Philipine is one good example. Nobody can deny that KJ and Anwar are very popular figure. It’s only God will would break the chain to oust the waiting list with former PMs’ son. There’s no need for KJ to solely depend on Pak Lah as Pak Lah is rather soft in action. KJ is more practical and more influential than Pak Lah who seems to be weak in his decision and views.

KJ is just coincidently to be making Pak Lah’s family as a stepping stone for him to go on his own. Not is father, but only his father-in-law. Even though, KJ only have said he wants to become PM at the age of 40. But today he is only going for UMNO youth leader, not PM yet. While Najib is just one step more and Hishamddin is two steps more. Long way for Mukhriz if he is lucky enough to beat KJ for UMNO youth leader. I doubt he can.

MANTRA said...

Dear Pro Nobody,
The power struggle never ends.. Why should there be the power struggle.. The history is there to tell..

None referred the islamic character to the power struggle and thats the reason most are like barking beasts...