Monday, July 21, 2014

#MH17 : @ngakorming GIVEN THE TRUTH...

MH17 tragedy in Ukraine-Russian border is beyond anyone comprehension and the world would never expect to happen.

This horrific accident gained many sympathies around the world, from world leaders and world medias including world religion organisations. No words of crticism from them except prayers and sympathies. Unfortunately, some opposition lawmakers in Malaysia and opposition youth leader who was not only with DS Najib to face this problem, but heartlessly in their usual manner incite Malaysians disputing what happened and blamed MAS.

These are prayers and sympathies from all walks of nations despite race, country and religions;

And this comment to Kor Ming clearly stated that rakyat had enough of your insensitivity even at the point when the whole world grieved and saddened by the tragedy... ;

To Kor Ming, if you couldnt be part of the solution, lets not be part of the problem!

Yes! You are not fit to represent them!

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