Wednesday, July 05, 2017


When the captain of a fleet has a lot to hide from his crew, expect chaotic situation when they start giving out different directions. Such circumstances have now struck Penang DAP-led. Guan Eng as the head of administration appears to have lost control of his crew that ended up to differ each other.

The conflicting figures regarding the payments of the sea tunnel project cost consultation to Consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd were discovered when statements made by DAP Padang Kota assemblyman Chow Kon Yeow and DAP Bagan Jermal assemblyman, Lim Hock Seng are shockingly different.

On last June 24, Kon Yeow said the payments made are reported as only RM177.5 million, whereas before it, on May 22, Hock Seng said the amount paid was RM209 million.

The discrepancy of these figures is also Penang DAP’s attempt to defend their arguments for Zenith Construction which is said to be 400 percent higher than the allowed scale.

It seems there is something hidden from public knowledge and how can this happened in the first place. Thus, the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng should come forward to explain the difference between the amount notified by the two DAP MPs.

He should know the truth and he ought to have the guts to come forward instantly to confirm the correct figure. When every day DAP and Guan Eng claimed that their administration practices transparency and upholds integrity in all respects and if they are wrong, dare to admit their mistakes.

There must be a mistake in one of the two figures or perhaps both are wrong. Thus the people of Penang have every right to know the correct answer. In this case, Guan Eng should not play his usual innocent dumb or even try to hold off certain hidden truth just to serve his own agenda.

On last 20 June, the Director of Strategic Communications Barisan Nasional Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan has demanded the Penang state government to justify their actions on the paid consultation costs for the construction of the three major tunnel projects which are 400 percent higher than the rates gazetted.

It is even more bizarre when the state government has made full payment while there are still other works related to the project that is yet to be completed.

This is what happens with DAP’s arrogance that they had appointed an external consulting firm when they have deliberately refused to cooperate with JKR. DAP claimed that JKR lacks in expertise but the fact is, JKR has proven to us when they have built roads across the nation without any hassle.

If the DAP government of Penang and Guan Eng is transparent in its administration, the disclosure of the real figure of payments to Zenith is a requirement And do not try to hide from the people’s knowledge.

If the Penang DAP government and Guan Eng are serious and committed to upholding transparency in their administration, the disclosure of the actual amount paid to Zenith is paramount. This is the only way to prove to Penangites that they walk the talk and Barisan Nasional is gravely wrong.

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