Monday, June 05, 2017


Who is Pakatan’s PM candidate? It seems apparent not conclusive yet! Hence someone is out of touch with Pakatan Harapan’s reality.

Despite during the recent PKR Congress 2017 held when all opposition leaders who are in cooperation with PKR (DAP and PAN) were holding the placards written that Anwar Ibrahim as their candidate, strangely enough, Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin, who were seated among them seems reluctant to agree.

To many, PKR attempt is to ‘lock’ their motion for Anwar Ibrahim to be PH’s prime minister and left everyone with no other choice. But to the eyes of the people, it is still a never ending story in which their raging scuffles are intact and ongoing.

Perhaps Dr Mahathir was kept alert of Dr Wan Azizah and her supporters in staging the placards at the beginning of the Congress. Hence, he has made his stance clear just a few days before the Congress that it should be not a choice determined by PKR but a consensus by all PH members.

Dr Mahathir went to the extend to remind PH members to strive to uphold the rule of law when Anwar is still serving his prison sentence. This sounds quite resolute from the youngest and the weakest party leader but will the elder brothers in Pakatan Harapan adhere to his call?

Will he be left alone for disagreeing with PKR’s and DAP’s insistence to have Anwar as their sole PM candidate?

Even so, there is loud discontent within PPBM for PKR’s move to plot against Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin. This was made obvious when PPBM’s Youth Chief begin to question PKR’s sincerity in their collaboration in Pakatan Harapan.

Mukhriz on the other hand prefers Wan Azizah’s name to be on the placard rather than Anwar. He who was reached in the secret agreement between his father and Kit Siang for the Prime Minister position was only placed as Miti Minister in PKR’s shadow cabinet list. But who is Mukhriz to say no when he is not even a President to any political party?

Is Mukhriz really disappointed with PKR’s gimmick not to appear their President as PH’s prime minister or was he furious that his daddy’s secret deal will not be honoured by DAP? But it was enough for Mukhriz and his daddy Dr Mahathir to be jumpy and get flustered.

So much so, Dr Mahathir who was appointed as the advisor in PH is not adopted by DAP and PKR and it seems that he is just a mere puppet to “Screw” the Malay votes in GE14.

In the case to select a candidate as Prime Minister, by right Mukhriz should not condemn PKR but DAP. Unfortunately, he was too afraid to do so as he may realise that DAP remains the decision maker when they hold the majority vote instead of PKR in Pakatan Harapan. It is also rumoured that Mukhriz might contest in Selangor with DAP flag should anything happens to PPBM.

Mukhriz and his daddy Dr Mahathir should no longer daydream and ought to start to put their feet on the ground as soon as DAP did not appoint PPBM to lead Kedah for GE14 but instead, PAN is chosen. With just about 6,000 members in Kedah and probably the numbers may decrease due to their internal upheaval, DAP place no confidence that PPBM could be a better choice for Kedah.

What happened during PKR congress was in fact the true colours from PKR and DAP to indicate their intentions. They are well aware of Dr Mahathir’s personal agenda to have Mukhriz as their Prime Minister. It is now obvious that they do not buy Dr Mahathir’s drama with just establishing a new party and collaborating with them in Pakatan Harapan, later forgiving Kit Siang as a racist, signing the Free Anwar Campaign. Those attempts do not give the green light to kowtow to Dr Mahathir’s dictation.

It is only left with Mukhriz and Dr Mahathir who are still not realistic and the Pakatan Harapan’s Prime Minister candidacy scrambling shall never be an ending story and perhaps it will be even worse.

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