Tuesday, June 06, 2017


In his Thaipusam message, Kit Siang called upon everyone to stay clear of political culture based on hatred, manipulation and intimidation in their campaigns for the next general election but the question is if Kit Siang and DAP are able to do so?Unknowingly, Kit Siang has admitted that DAP has had at all times resorted to these dirty tactics to gain votes and in particular the Chinese.

Such political culture of hatred, lies and incitement which is often adopted by DAP to knock down their opponents from Barisan Nasional component parties, they are in fact have triggered racism to destruct the country’s social harmony since before our independence.

When history never lies with the root to May 13, 1969 racial riot bloodshed tragedy, DAP and Kit Siang involvement are never doubted.

Even as DAP has joined forces with PPBM, but racial provocation still continues. This is evident in their views and statements in Prime Minister DS Najib visit to the Republic of China, who has led to the successful financing of investment projects in Malaysia.

DAP and PPBM are strongly criticising and associating it with their politics of hate and racism that they accused the present government’s efforts of selling the country.

This is just one example to demonstrate that Pakatan Harapan is the real cause of racism and the nation’s racial harmony uprooters.

In their desperate moves for Kit Siang and DAP to purify their image, they were unable to do so when within 48 hours of their call, DAP was back to their old habits that are dear to them over the years to resort to politics of hate and incitement.

A modified poster by adding PAS logo in Barisan Nasional’s ‘Ceramah Rakyat’ in Seberang Jaya Penang was distributed to the locals and appeared in the social media too. Their attempts to malign BN leaders who are supposedly in the same stage with PAS and thus aimed to portray that they are now political allies.

The fact is, even though DAP had earlier severed their political ties with PAS, they are obviously working hand in hand in Selangor nor they are earnest to get rid of the 3 PAS exco in the state administration. To cover up their failures in Pakatan Harapan, DAP had attacked BN with wild accusations and lies.

Make no mistake that DAP would not be able to change their old habits as they are already established and deep-rooted. Any apologies, pledges or promises not to repeat their political demagoguery, insults, hatred and racism are just mere lies to deceive us.

Supposedly in their sympathy plight to voters that DAP will give their utmost priority to integrity, truth-seeking, peace and harmony are a fake bid where it is just a skilful dirty trick them in concealing their racism images.

There is no other way to end DAP’s dirty politics but the rakyat ought to refrain from voting Pakatan Harapan. If they are given continued support, requiring the country’s political moderation in all aspects, especially when it comes to unity, will continue to fail.
Although anyone among the DAP leaders who wishes to repent, it will just be lip services for their hidden agendas will be full of false promises.

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