Thursday, June 08, 2017


Why is the Sultan of Selangor furious with PKR MP Sivarasa that so much so, a royal decree to accuse him of his actions that have crossed the line? If not for Azmin’s leadership in Selangor administration that is deliberately obstinate and arrogant to honour the palace’s decree, they seem to consider the Royal instructions as just another political speeches akin to theirs.Is it not reminder after one another that mosques are not to be utilised by any politician to speak? Sivarasa’s cockiness is a clear evident to consider the royal decree as preventing him from his right to speak to his voters among the Malays and Muslims and hence equated them with religious discrimination.

This is just another direct and clear precedent by the Pakatan Harapan leaders to go against the Malay Rulers and if this how they claim to honour and accept the nation’s constitution, then they are just deceiving us right under our nose. Indeed, Azmin Ali as Selangor administration boss would just wish that the issue shall not be prolonged that he will not be bold enough to rebuke Sivarasa and the others.

However, Azmin Ali as the boss in the state administration, we wonder if he is also ignorant and unaware of the royal repeated instructions to prohibit those unqualified to give their talks on Islam in mosques and suraus. Perhaps Azmin too refuse to heed Islam requirements to ensure that mosques and surau ought to be clean from any filth and whether a non-Muslim such Sivarasa is fit to represent him to be allowed into the pulpit?

Without realising it, Azmin has now dragged the Sultan of Selangor into public discussions and in particular among those who have little knowledge and understanding on the King’s role as the head of Islam in a state. There are those who even equated the King’s decree as just another political statement. It is truly pathetic when Pakatan Harapan leaders are ignorant to abuse mosques as their political stage when it should be free any political agendas.

After all, for Sivarasa who is a politician and if he stood in front of his potential Muslim voters, so be it if it is in or outside the mosque in the month of Ramadhan, will he abstain from campaigning and bulls us that he will just speak on the breaking fast menus and the Ramadhan bazaars?

Just look at what Azmin has also done to those who were given the responsibility to preserve the honour and respectability of the mosques. To the King’s wrath, so much so that Sultan Selangor hauled command for JAIS to terminate the Nazir, the Imam and the Mosque committee members services. If these mosque officers are appointed by political influence, Azmin has already put them to be torn between him as the political head and the King.

In this case, they have obeyed Azmin’s request rather than heed the King’s decree.

Azmin should not give reasons that he has overlooked Sultan Selangor’s decree even though it was sanctioned in the days of the former Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. It would be very irresponsible if Azmin try to put all Sultan’s wrath solely on Sivarasa and the mosque committee when he is the present Menteri Besar who is the head of state administration.


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