Thursday, May 18, 2017


Never before in any of the political history of the world that is capable of maintaining its power and as a leading party for 71 years unless it is only UMNO. It will be arduous to collapse UMNO’s strength as we witnessed the attendance of more than 100,000 members gathered in and out of Bukit Jalil Stadium. The spirit of its members fielded with a sea of red tide is enough to prove them.

Thus, this 71st rally has clearly apprised to the world and in particular the opposing parties, UMNO remains the largest and strongest political party in Malaysia. More importantly, its members are of the Malays and Bumiputra. Without a doubt, political power in Malaysia is determined by the power of the Malays.

Indeed Prime Minister Najib Razak as the President seemed elated by the ambience of such crowded attendees, confirms that it is hence a living proof that UMNO remains strong and united. He boldly posed a question if UMNO is still considered weak with such abundance of turnouts plus some 3 million members are all over the nation.

Thereby, PM Najib is convinced and appreciative that he was never alone in the struggle to defend the party. With such remarkable spirit to face the coming 14th general election, Umno together with the component parties of the Barisan Nasional will contest once again to retain its power with no fear and distracted.

While UMNO is constantly challenged with numerous attempts to tear it down, but it was never succeeded. Therefore, what are the hidden secrets? It is only with the principle of loyalty and steadfast in their struggle for Islam, the Malays and the country that UMNO survived. Umno is not a racist party but has proven to fight for all Malaysians regardless of race, religion and ethnicity and even so, UMNO is willing to share power with other component parties.

The opposition parties have been trying ceaselessly to emulate the concept of unity held by Barisan Nasional but ended up to always failed. Not because of the one objective to topple the BN government but their differences in principle that is not congenial to realise them. DAP with their racist doctrine, PKR has always been bickering among themselves and only fight for the fate of Anwar Ibrahim while new parties PPBM and PAN, are composed of former members who are rejected by UMNO and PAS.

The main intent to this mammoth rally is not to puff up as claimed by the oppositions. In any battle, its success not only depends on the ingenious strategy, but it has to be executed by the strength of the army as the winning factor. Indictments especially from the opposition party led by Dr Mahathir, who always claimed that Umno akin to an already empty vessel, therefore they will now have to think a thousand times to challenge against UMNO.

As everyone knew that PKR has been relying on PAS strength for their campaign machinery will face vast shortages. In fact, during Pakatan Rakyat, DAP too had to depend on PAS supporters but now they are solely depending on the Chinese to carry their campaigns.

The influx of red spirit that covers every corner in Stadium Bukit Jalil also reflects the indomitable spirit party members and this is the strength to defend and fight for UMNO to its victory. UMNO is not only relevant in the past but this Malay dominant party is even far more united and stronger under the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Razak even they have now betrayed by their former president, Dr Mahathir.

As long as UMNO is intact, it will continuously push forward for the people as depicted in their theme song… UMNO terus mara untuk rakyat Malaysia!

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