Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Even after Gerakan Sec-Gen Datuk Liang Teck Meng’s numerous accusations and followed by Datuk Rahman Dahlan’s demands to answer DAP Penang ChiefMinister Lim Guan Eng has once again turned silent as a grave. 

Thus this is his unusual behaviour when he knew he has deceived Penangites and in particular the Chinese on Penang economic performance.Silence is golden but to Guan Eng, he has nothing evident to rebut but to agree with his detractors from Barisan Nasional. The bottom line for him is as long as the Chinese community, especially in Penang, their mindsets are deflected with wild accusations and unfounded statements.

The fact is, these are the troubles brewing Penang’s economy that is heading into a failed state that has been highlighted by Datuk Liang of Gerakan but was totally silenced by Guan Eng’s Penang Institute;

Penang suffered the lowest in history in their GDP growth rate and for the period between 2008-2015, Penang fell in 4th place among all states in Malaysia. Since Guan Eng took over the helm in Penang, the state’s record shows that it has the lowest median wage growth among the 16 states for the period 2010 to 2015 and was bypassed by Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor. 

This followed by the growth rate of Penang’s household income has recorded the 4th lowest among all states and territories since 2009 to 2015 and was intercepted by Johor and Melaka.

Neither confirming nor denying, Guan Eng’s Penang Institute is yet to respond but alas, since October last year they have failed to produce even a single piece of the answer to convince Penangites.

Guan Eng’s much-lauded states surplus budget is the latest subject argued by Datuk Liang that since January 2017, it went unchallenged. Since 2008, statesPenang’s surplus budget was actually based on the state’s land sales. 

In fact, pieces of evidence are produced showing Penang sale of assets, including land and shares by the Penang State Government and state-owned companies amounting to several billion, if added on, it will definitely produce a surplus budget. That is how Guan Eng has convoluted his claims to laud his administration performance.In covering up his lies, Guan Eng is at his best to quip others with his usual slurs and accused that Datuk Liang has failed to understand the Auditor General’s Report on Penang. 

Too unfortunate for Guan Eng that subsequently, Datuk Liang has shown to the public a clear and undisputable quote from the Auditor General’s report that Penang’s recorded surplus was due to land and asset sales including their accounting practices to transfer these figures and later recognised them as states revenue and later claimed them as a surplus budget.

Kuala Lumpur has increased their GDP per capita gap with Penang, an increase from RM18,306 in 2008 to RM49,875 more than Penang in 2015. In other words, Penangites are getting poorer when compared to Kuala Lumpur people and it could get even worse in the near future. Before DAP took over Penang from Barisan Nasionalstate’s GDP per capita has always excelled and overtaken Selangor but since 2008, it is already halved to Selangor in 2015.

Worst still when Penang state OPEX had jumped 5 folds from 2008 to 2017 when Penang had lost investments top spot since 2011.

Since Guan Eng and his administration has failed to dispute those claims, Penangites have every right to be alarmed and worry as their economic future is getting gloomy and weakening under Guan Eng and DAP when other states in Malaysia is leveraging on our nation’s booming economy. Should Guan Eng claimed that Malaysia is not doing well, it is Penang that is contributing most and is indisputable a failed state.

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