Thursday, May 04, 2017


Starting from GE12, when we saw the political tsunami and it continues until the next five years in GE13, the opposition parties managed to capture and retained power in Penang and Selangor from Barisan Nasional. During which, the people trusted all of their promises to be a better alternative that the Pakatan Rakyat government will be more transparent, without corruption practices, prudent in spending and above all, they are more competent than BN.In making promises throughout the nation, apparently all went up in smoke, that is equivalent to “ZERO”.

The hope and dream offered by the opposition bloc with Pakatan Rakyat and today, the new but the same members of Pakatan Harapan, many have realised that their manifestation for ‘Road to Putrajaya’ to capture the federal government will never materialise but above all, they have failed to keep their promises.

For the past nine years, the oppositions shouted loudly against BN for being corrupted but today, some of their leaders are charged. They seem to be against cronyism practised by BN but they themselves have transactions with favoured individuals from big enterprises and the worst part is when they have all in a family not only in the party but the state’s administration too.

Look no further in Penang, DAP promised the Penangites that they are capable of settling any flood issues within 9 months but after 9 years later, it was never resolved but it is getting even worse. DAP lauded that they are the only party leaders to take care of Penang nature that they will plant a million trees but eventually, they cut down trees more than they have planted.

For the past 2 general elections, DAP claimed that they are the only party who will champion the rakyat’s struggle and their welfares will definitely be taken care and in particular, they promised Penangites to build more affordable homes but instead, Guan Eng built more affordable viewed luxurious condominiums and mansions.

DAP claimed that only in Penang that the government is transparent and imposed the Freedom of Information Act, but today the law seems to have been used for hiding more information and what they fought for freedom of speech are now no more relevant to medias who reports against them even with facts.

The previous campaigns that are written clearly in their manifesto that there will be no hike in water charges but today, within 9 years, Guan has raised 4 times to equate to more than 100 percent to penalise Penangites who have voted him and DAP.

Failing to keep all the previous promises, without shame and guilt, Guan Eng keeps on promising the rakyat and now he suggested to abolish GST. But to confuse his followers, he readdresses it as GST at zero rates. This will be Guan Eng’s biggest achievement as Malaysia will be the most foolish country to set GST at zero percent when there will be zero revenue to bear not only administrative expenses, but there shall be zero development too.

Easy said than done as what PM Najib Razak used to remind the opposition-led states. When they failed to boost their state’s economy, the only solution that they could think of is to either rob the states assets and land while their people are further deceived and point their fingers to the federal government.

Only within 9 years that the oppositions have turned into exactly the same and perhaps worse to those they have been accusing and criticising. Should they be given another 5 years to continue their ‘zero’ accomplished promises and meaningless hopes?

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