Wednesday, May 17, 2017


If PAS is dignified and honourable, all existing positions in the Selangor state government must be relinquished. That insistence comes from PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, who at the same time is the Strategic Advisor to Lim Guan Eng in Penang effective January. His position as the PKR secretary-general was returned to him after Rafizi court cases for disclosing 1MDB audit reports.If we are to take a closer review at Saifuddin’s statement, one can say that he is not Azmin’s man but a favour to Wan Azizah. Given a position in Penang by Guan Eng, without any doubt, he is likely to be DAP’s spokesperson too.

PAS has initially in their recent muktamar decided unanimously to sever political ties with PKR, and now it is officially concluded through the decision of the Syura Council, the highest body of the party. But in the other situation, a decision to continue cooperation with Pakatan Harapan is not applicable in Selangor and Azmin too insisted on retaining those PAS leaders who are holding positions in his alliance.

Saifuddin’s statement is not merely intended to PAS but it will be more accurate to say that he is actually pointing them to Azmin Ali who is under pressure from within his own party to relinquish his position from his Minister Besar seat. Azmin was sworn in as Selangor MB after PKR’s and DAP’s single choice for Wan Azizah failed to receive consent from Sultan Selangor. Indeed, PAS President Hadi Awang meet with the Sultan to propose others is favoured and hence Azmin is chosen.

Notwithstanding the secretary-general’s insistence that was done in PKR’s official statement, PAS and Azmin did not take any heed to either carry them out or honour them. So much so, Hadi Awang insinuated Saifuddin as a worthless salesman.

Saifuddin’s official release are PKR’s voices and hence it represents the President too. Aware that Azmin will never accord and has every tendency to challenge her, hence to avoid from seen as boldly resisted publicly and Azmin being too powerful in Selangor, Wan Azizah needs to voice her dissatisfactions through others.

If Saifuddin is to adopt measures taken by DAP in Penang, where all PAS representatives are kicked out as soon as Pakatan Rakyat is dissolved, but unfortunately DAP did not dare to act against Azmin to do the same to PAS in Selangor. PAS is indeed easily pushed aside in Penang when they only have one ADUN seat but in Selangor, it is totally a different scenario.

Even though there are split in PAS, they still maintained more seats compared to PKR in which if they decided to join force with Selangor opposition, PKR will be at their deathbed eventually. Saifuddin should not forget that PKR’s nationwide support previously and even in the coming general election comes solidly from PAS.

Thus, the Azmin’s ‘farce’ to show as though everything is OK in Selangor and by maintaining his PAS allies in his line, this clearly indicates that the President’s man such as Saifuddin does not sell too well, yet Azmin has proven that he has no intention to move away even for an inch from his seat. They apparently are now compelled to submit to ‘Azmin’s Move’ rather than their own ‘Kajang Move’.

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