Monday, November 24, 2008


What is all these hassle and qualms over the yoga fatwa?

Lets just get the ruling right. The council is ok with YOGA if minus the chanting and mantra (are you referring to me? ... oh no, not me!). Go ahead with the exercise... and what if instead we replace with zikir? Agree or no agree?

The fatwa is a guideline, so dear fellow muslims please do not doubt further but to question for clarification is ok...

And dear other fellows, why do you have to shout? The fatwa doesn't concern you at all, its just a guideline for the Muslims. Sorry, when it comes to fatwa and guidelines, muslims are not obliged to discount further, we will dedicately adhere.

Still feeling sensitive?

Put it this way, theres no haram to look or walk beside a piggy (of course not my fellow Mr Piggy), but a no-no if you are in direct contact or consume them.

Guys, don't spare your nickle reading the mainstream. The NST and Malaysian Insider report will scare you away. Alas!

Feeling a little soothing now? Care to join me?

[... please do not exclude me, the MANTRA or Ill be standing on ONE hand!]

p/s : Our fellow hindu fren commented;... its from Pak Husin Lempoyang

balan said...


You make sense. I don't mind attending those classes.

Hindu Sangam is no moral guardian nor the authority of Hindus in this country. It's just that the government gave them a recognition.

Temples and their committes gives no hood to them as they run to politicans when they have problems as politicians control temples.

This also the reason for Hindraf's existence, politics not religion.

They have no control over temples and hindus do in terms of their so-called religious practises. The president admitted that, Pls read here.

When they have no control over Hindus in Malaysia, why bother about some fatwa. I wonder...

Moral guardians of Hinduism konon..


Piggy Singh said...


Very funny, minus the mantra.

It's been scientifically proven to improve the blood flow and overall health.

The authority should have come out with this fatwa as well, seeking help from voodoo master to get nombor TOTO. An epidemic that infects many Malay Muslim.

Do a have a peep at my latest outing, DEMONIZING MUKHRIZ, TRY HARDER PLEASE!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks to the sister who are defending of YOGA is not haram to muslim. I just want to tell you, Islam is a religion Base on true faith we called it Akidah, otherwise Akidah in Islam related to action we also call Fe'li. without the component it's not recognize true islamic follower. Don't make fool ur self cause you are not know more about Islam. who are you from Islamic Fatwa Counsel eye. pls look at the mirror, if u are not keep your mouth well and talking about Islam without knowledge, U will ruing ur akidah. exactly we are not muslim at all

Mr. Padedoh said...

Hi Mantra,
It seems that another crisis is brewing. If Hindu Sangam makes an issue out of this, they deserve everything that is coming their way.
This has nothing to do with them - but looks like they are pushing their luck.
Why can't people engage their brains prior to opening their mouth,and, then complain when the eventual happens.

I just don't get it.

On another note,

MANTRA said...


These mainstreams really confused the public. They didnt give further explanations why it is haram until everything turns chaotic.

They put YOGA as haram but TOTO is acceptable. What about all these raffles?

DEMONIZINg MUKHRIZ NOW... how about cupidizing Khairy?

MANTRA said...

Hello anonymous

You have Mr Dic beside u? Pls read carefully.

Any forms of exercise is haram? So silat tonggang terbalik haram or not?

I will ruing my akidah eh?

MANTRA said...

When one is so much into the limelight... this is what happens.

Who is this Hindu Sangam by the way... I supposed the Putera Umno knows better... ooopppps be ethical, nanti Mr Wenger will wack me.

Mr. Padedoh said...

Mr. Wenger tengah raya, US bailout Citigroup, saham naik 50%.

MANTRA said...

Mr Wenger
Cheers... go bro go!

Ridzzy said...


I really like your take on this issue.

Been reading blog reactions to the fatwa. At last some refreshing objectivity.

I had yet another cringe moment reading hindu sanggam's reaction. The earlier moment was when i saw the video of non muslims shouting "stupid fatwa everywhere" in KLCC.

Do we need people to fight our battles for us? Is there a battle to begin with? Dodgy times...

Zubli Zainordin said...


Minus the Mantra?

Noo Lah...

In Deep Tots we can hear a distance whale.

I use Kitaro, Ravi Shankar and more for my "Journey Into The Mind" course.

Who was it announcing Cat Stevens cannot use Basmallah for his song album?

I remember one individual using a long bamboo stick to pluck a son's neck-tie thrown into a nearby tree.

The latest, bra for men Japanese Craze now.

To all these individuals, I share, "Islam is not a state of being, Islam is a state of becoming".

Only Malays can become?

My Chinese Ancestors, and in China, the number is more than UMNO members.

Watch out those who says I am a Muslim, and Allah says NO you are not.

Find out why Allah shall say so.

Ti Lian Ker said...

Guess we are barking at the wrong the situation so bad that a fatwa has to be deliberated, made and announced.
I am lost bad news after another

MANTRA said...



Thanks to peep over.

Its the mainstream media that confused the public thus it is

So much on being ethical for the media eh?

MANTRA said...

Salam Zubli

Its the faith that one hold on to truthfully and not what they merely preach...

The syahadah is a binding between us and the all Mighty.. but theres always thin lines somewhere in us... we are just human! Istighfar is always a good reminder.

MANTRA said...

Fatwa is a guideline for muslims. When theres confusion, the muslims need a guideline...

Explanations were not narrated in depth, as you can read in the mainstream media.

Me too dont understand why these Hindus are sensitive over Muslim's fatwa... the yoga exercise is ok but not the chanting.

Its just technical that every state rulers are questioning it... the rest is accepted well by Muslims.

Piggy Singh said...

It is now John Lennon, let sing along.