Friday, November 28, 2008


This SMS from Doc TokAsid [... duduk sevillage tapi jumpe di handphone aje] confirmed our fellow bloggers to gather for lunch;

"Salam. Pemberitahuan ttg lunchdate bloggers pd 29nov. Masih di the curve but not at asam pedas. It will b at d terrace opposite asam pdas. Its at the bintang hotel. Rm 25 per head buffet n endless tehtarik. Lets say around 12.30pm. Tq"

On behalf of the main organisers, namely Doc Tokasid, Shah Cakapaje, Kerp, Mat Salo and Datuk Jaflam, I would like to extend and invitation to all those who are free. We would really love to have a face to face.

Who will turn up?

1- Mat Salo
2-Shah Cakap Aje
4-Dato' Jaflam
5-Pak Idrus
6-Fauziah Ismail
9-Unker Zorro(according to Kerp)
10-YB Khalid Samad
11-Jeejah Mantra
13-Sheih Kickdafella( according to Shah Cakap aje)*
15-Capt Yusof (Ancient Mariner)
16-Cikgu Nazir of Kata Tak Nak
17-Amin Black*
18-Hazrin (A film producer friend of Shah's)*

19 - More surprises... who knows the Kings of Kings might turn up!

Probably others would consider such as...

1. Mr Wenger J Khairy???
2. Owner of Kulit Pisang???
3. Owner of Broken Riffle (Senapang Patah)???
4. Nevertheless, Mr or Miss Anonymous???

The more the merrier... Lets get real and alive! Looking forward to be there... here I come Madame Mantra...

p/s : Psssttttt.... I have extended my invitation to KJ @Khairy@ PM's beloved SIL... some say looking forward.. some whispered, only if he dares...


Piggy Singh said...


How was the lunch, did any of the jokers...opss I mean troopers turn up? Were they carrying guns artilleries?

I really wanted to see Cikgu Nazri Khan in person, is he really big as potrayed in the picture? I wanna say on his face that MU is no more...just kidding.

Go and visit Mr Wenger, he's begun to unravel.

And who is this jeejah mantra?


Pemuda IKS said...

Salam perjuangan,

Nice, gather the bloggers to keep the spirit up. Haven't heard from you lately. Any new posts?

Pls check out datukshaifulkamal's comment on "Kenapa Tidak Memilih SETIAKAWAN?" at Pemuda IKS blog. We need your profesional point of view.

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Faqih's Politician said...

Salam. Marilah sama-sama menyebarkan maklumat mengenai ISLAM & POLITIK!,