Sunday, November 23, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 (Bernama)
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar today suggested that bloggers set up their own code of ethics to ensure that they are accountable for what they write in their blogs.

Wow.... such an interesting and provocating issue to raise! Are we bloggers agitated by such statement?

Do we really need to formulate our own code of ethics?

Will this
statement also reflect amongst bloggers such as Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang or even Khairy for their ability to write and aspire in depth ideas and intelligent? More and more politicians adding to the blogsphere are not accountable to their postings? Most bloggers write at their own bills and pace, we are well aware to our own opinions plus responsibility but perhapsnot so to some hand fools.

"... Bloggers are not journalists who are trained to write in a fair and balanced manner" said Syed Hamid.

Why the preference to journalists only? Will they write in a fair and balanced manner? I can answer that... simple, they are paid to do so! No further explanations.

Why Malaysians are so much into blogging?
Where else can we Malaysians refer to other sources with in-depth analysis? The spinning mainstream media? Blog in RTM on air for 20 minutes? Live in Parliment for 20 minutes? 2 minutes of delayed news for every issue?

Are we bunch of retard writers and readers? Tell us, if we can't distinguish between 'Talk Points'
and 'Talk Nuts'. Unless the government feed us with fair and in-depth informations, which obviously null and spinning, then we have no reason to blogging. And are we not entitle to our own opinion thou?

National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs) Protem President, Rocky have this to say ... "Bloggers have the power of influencing opinions, and if it (the power) is abused it can create enmity among friends." .... this seems to be a bit too personal to you, Rocky! Its just a matter of opinion and ideas. What is it with here and here?

Rocky also said that anonymous comments should be treated like "surat layang" (poison pen letters) and bloggers and readers alike have the right to ignore the messages.... for that I will have to agree! Anyone in that circle?

Many ways to skin a cat... its best not to publish but not to ignore. Most truth starts with
rumours... denying? So, are we bloggers LIARS and NUISANCE or has the BN Government lost touch disseminating their hidden truth?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mantra,
paku dulang, paku serpih
mengata orang,
pak mid yang melebih!

Bukan je melebih, ada kali memebebel, ada kali merapu!

Wenger J Khairy
trained reporter with artikel
"Call for a code ethics for Ministers"

MANTRA said...


Sungguh, paku serebeh...paku dulang, dia yang lebih... kata kita orang!

Code of ethics eh? Just tell that to your fellow frens when they are in parliment lerrrr... a laughing stock!

This indicates clearly that the BN gomen is out of touch with rakyat's voice.

Your article - I can't resist to link in my blog... Can eh? Oh sure can... hehehe

D S N said...

Dear Mantra,
What ethics? What regulations? Don't think Syed Hamid know what is talking about. Remember what he said about the reason for the arrest under ISA of the journalist from Penang? ''For her safety''? It was really nonsense and he is still talking nonsense!

Alias Mohd Yusof said...

Apa yang ditulis mencerminkan peribadi penulis itu sendiri. Dari membaca tulisannya kita boleh tahu sifat dan sikap seseorang penulis itu.
Penulis yang mempunyai kredibiliti dan berintegriti seperti A. Kadir Jasin atau saudari sendiri tentu tidak akan menulis benda-benda yang mengarut, tetapi akan menulis sesuatu yang dapat memberi kebaikan kepada masyarakat.
Etika itu adalah kejujuran dan keikhlasan seseorang untuk membawa kebaikan melalui tulisannya. Walaupun kadang-kadang tulisannya itu tidak disenangi oleh banyak pihak.

Piggy Singh said...


I did a nutty in my latest post. Once in a while we need a sense of humour, but mine was harmless.

They are actually OUT OF THIS WORLD. There's a nice jazz tune by Shakatak that carries the same title.

Well I pity him Syed Hamid, he inherited the blood people have on KDN due to the mess caused by you-know-who.


MANTRA said...

Salam DSN

Should we have a bucket full of laughter together?

MANTRA said...

En Alias

Thanks for dropping by...

Ada masa kita serious, ada masa untuk bergurau tetapi selalunya syok sendiri...

Bila lagi dan dimana nak syok sendiri?

MANTRA said...


Wheres your nutty number? Still scribbling? Im in the mood to browse other bloggers...

Zubli Zainordin said...

Malaysian leaders are positioning themselves as easy targets to members of the general public and some bloggers too.

If each do goodness for the Malaysians and Malaysia, usingher or his power, authority, and responsibilty, then as a target not easy, with or without the Cod of Ethics For Bloggers By Bloggers.

As it is, even with ethics, each is a Joker in a political comedy.

It is not easy not to laugh at each, yes, each day.

MANTRA said...


They thought they are bullet proof from the public...

They just have no idea how to handle the public's new toy... at least make friends with the bloggerslah!

Zubli Zainordin said...

I was having the same thought.

Why make enemies with bloggers?

We don't mind being friends.

Yet, when they do good, we say good. Otherwise, we say so.

On this point I salute Mahathir Mohamad.

Especially his personal touch.

Others nose so high, eyes elsewhere, like they are not able to see their own feet.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I think what we cannot accept is the holier-than-thou approach as reflected in the speech of the Hon. Minister.
Why not the Hon. Minister, cut to the chase and say all you bloggers should just agree with the Government.
If the Govt. or members of the Govt. were to bring up sensitive issues, its ok.. The defintion of ethics should be based on what is published on Mainstream Media - they are the moral guardians of the nation.

If you think thats pure crap, you're not alone. And Mantra, its Wenger J Khairy, not Wenger KJ. Have you not heard about the new code of ethics. Thats very unethical


Piggy Singh said...

Salam MANTRA and everyone,

I found at Lawyer Kampung that Pahang government is SPONSORING pensioners to thwart slanderous remarks against the government in cyberspace.

I do have so much respect towards pensioners. However, are they exposed to the current trend developed in cybersphere. I'm afraid they will be showered with shells and bullets.

While we are following our heart and mind, they have to follow certain guidelines, otherwise the money stops flowing.


MANTRA said...

Hi Zubli
These lawmakers prefer one track communication.Typical of them.

Tun M? He is being himself and his personal touch... others,
prententious prevails.. but for how long?

Have they not learned enough? I doubt!

MANTRA said...

Hi Mr Wenger J Khairy...<< this time i got it right eh? Will you take me to courting for that... hahaha

Holier-than-thou, well...the rakyat was not born yesterday!

I wont abstain from whatever is being said, there are certain truth
in it... being ethical in whatever we publish or say but come to think
of the man who said it... ayo ma ayo pa... got to inhale a bit more
slowly to absorb... dont you?

MANTRA said...

Hi Piggy

Pahang is a bit too ambitious. Lets just give them the benefit of the
rakyat's new toy.. hehehe

Pensioners playing with the rakyat's toys... shells and bullets will be
expected... on the other hand, I'd rather flirt with them... hahaha

Whats next on your posting Piggy?