Saturday, November 15, 2008


Some bloggers have branded Mantra as one of the anti-Khairy blog... too juicy to be true! A piece of advice to pro-Khairy's bloggers... learn to see the other side of the coins. What do I mean by that?

Lets compare notes. Pro-Khairy's bloggers has their latest piece on The Last Man Standing while Mukhriz respond to a prominent blogger's interview on The Son Rises.

I leave it to all of you... to your intelligent and truthfulness between the battle of the two minds. What is there for Mukhriz and why Khairy trailed behind him.

Enjoy, have fun... respond faithfully!


Mr. Padedoh said...

Hi Mantra,
It seems that the 'spin rooms' for each candidate is working overtime. So lets go thru each one of the posting, and try to understand what the author is trying to convey

"Last Man Standing" (LMS) from prokhairy. Well not exactly. Bro Jinggo lifted it from Kulit - a political blog. Thats not good when the chief spinmaster has to go and front articles from others.

The article is stupid plain and simple.

Lets start from the title - Last Man Standing - whether it is the phrase, the song or the movie refers to one thing - the only guy left when the dust settles after a bruising, bloody fight. The toughest, the survivor when everybody else was vanquished. KJ, the survivor, man you must be on crack? The fight has not yet begun, if you ask me, this title can only be given after the election and I think it will go to Dr Khir.
So, from the start the article is being disingenous i.e merepek. It mentions that KJ is a defender of ketuananan Melayu, well trained, able deputy, and a sure bet to catch the 2 m youth vote with the same Khairy Obama spin. Once again, a hatch job, I doubt anybody would read it merely glance at the points and dismiss it as pure garbage, which it is.

Now on the big interview with Mukhriz on OutSyed the box. A much better article, and quite interesting because of the revelations of the new pariah in the UMNO family i.e the Kubang Pasu division. I think that was the most revealing piece together with KTK's plan to build a monument for Pak Lah. Perhaps these 2 are connected - leaders falling over themselves to sell their diginity so as to please the powers that be. Blogger Syed proceeds to report on the interview, and the first thing we notice is that Mukhriz is not spending any time defending himself from any allegations. Actually, Mukhriz appears very progressive in the discussion, not resorting to old slash and burn tactics.

On the whole, blogger Syed beats Kulit Pisang by about 4-1. KJ rent boys should realize, you guys are pure crap because either or
a) you do not believe in him and are in it for the money
b) you are plain dumb and it shows in your writing.
c) your understanding of issues is at the level of a college student,

I dont know perhaps thats what u are.

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Mantra,

Mr Wenger, if you're, I hope that you're not listening coz I'm now whispering...

psssssst Mantra!...did you really believe Mr Wenger was Khairy himself?

MANTRA said...


Since when anyone donate for my OT... hehehe. I'd rather having someone with great ideas to monies.

LMS to me is another.. blah, blah, blah. All along is about reiterating the same monotonous tune. I supposed they better blow their horns somewhere else..

Dr Khir deserves the LMS? Best Man Wins (BMW)... to soon to expect.

Mukhriz interview has spoken for the best choice and maturity thats what it takes. Youngsters are not absolute dumb.

What happened to your Najib's posting... you got the chic there and ill take it as ammusing. Piggy shares the same thought.

MANTRA said...

Salam Piggy

Yuhooo... just between us, I think he loves to think so.. but I caught him between the lines... go read his posting.

Mr. Padedoh said...

Hi Mantra,
Oh..the PM-2-B posting. Well, its too close to reality that you know, we being in a police state and everything..

So its a private posting for my viewing pleasure. Couple of posts are private , another one on 15/11 where i outlined how the Dow Jones was going to move.

But i don't think myself of KJ. Whats so great about him that I, Wenger Khairy, should stoop so low to fantasize about him.

Want to know who I respect. A guy like this

He made a USD 2 billion seing things much earlier than the conventional groupies that corrupt our media. Check him out - he is one smart dude!

MANTRA said...

Curiosity kills the cat.. the PM-2-B posting is killing me then!

Thanks for the link ... sure envy his brilliant success.