Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Richard M. Nixon 1973 - "I am not a crook."
On November 17, 1973, President Richard Nixon infamously denied any involvement in the Watergate scandal with his now timeless defense.
Thing is, he was.

Bill Clinton 1998 - "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
With those words, President Clinton didn't just dig himself a hole, he stole a backhoe, dug a really deep hole, drove the backhoe into the hole, wired the backhoe with explosives and blew it up. Strenuously denying his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky at a January press conference, Clinton was later impeached by the House of Representatives for lying about the matter under oath.

George H.W. Bush 1988 - "Read my lips: no new taxes."
That pledge was the centerpiece of Bush's acceptance address, written by speechwriter Peggy Noonan, for his party's nomination at the 1988 Republican National Convention. It was a strong, decisive, bold statement, and you don't need a history degree to see where this is going. As presidents sometimes must, Bush raised taxes. His words were used against him by then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton in a devastating attack ad during the 1992 presidential campaign.

John McCain 2008 - "The fundamentals of the economy are strong."
Senator McCain was probably trying to be reassuring, as Presidents ought to be in times of turmoil and stress. Yet, when investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy hours after he made this statement during the 2008 campaign, McCain looked shockingly out of
touch. His opponent, Barack Obama, wasted no opportunity to repeat McCain's statement, a particularly effective attack as the economy went further and further south.

Jimmy Carter 1976 - "I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times."
The decision to do an interview with Playboy magazine was possibly not the best call of President Carter's tenure. Yet, it was all going pretty well until he started talking about the Bible and adultery. Now, Carter's not actually admitting anything shocking. Most men would probably say, "Yep, been there." But presidents rarely (and for good reason) venture into the land of "too much information" : Ideally, they should exist on a higher plane than the rest of us. It was an
uncomfortable moment for America.

Mark Foley 1998 - "It's vile. It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction."
This quote is more ironic than a whole double-CD album of Alanis Morrissette songs. Republican Rep. Mark Foley, having uttered this gem at the height of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, was brought down by an addiction to sexually explicit text messages to male congressional pages. It's like rain on your wedding day.

Lyndon B. Johnson 1964 - "We still seek no wider war."
President Johnson announced to the nation after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August, 1964 that the U.S. would not rise to the bait after what was considered a provocative attack from Hanoi. While the American government claimed that North Vietnamese warships had attacked U.S. vessels in the Gulf, it later turned out to be the opposite. The Vietnam escalation followed shortly thereafter.

Bill Clinton 1998 - "That depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."
The lowest point in President Clinton's public life, the Sept. 1998 release of the Ken Starr report also provided what might have been the lowest and most desperate of legal defenses: Clinton reached new depths of word-parsing during his videotaped August 17 testimony in front of a grand jury. Until then, America hadn't been sure there was more than one definition of "is." Just to be clear, there isn't.

Herbert Hoover 1929 - "The fundamental business of the country, that is, production and distribution of commodities, is on a sound and prosperous basis."
Thus declared President Hoover on Oct. 25, 1929. Sound familiar? Four days later, the stock market crashed, depression followed and Hoover became a joke. And yet all of this seemed to have been news to John McCain.

Richard Nixon 1973 - "You know, I always wondered about that taping equipment but I'm damn glad we have it, aren't you?"
President Nixon actually said this to Watergate co-conspirator H.R. Haldeman in April 1973, weeks before the U.S. Senate began its nationally televised hearings. Oh, Tricky Dick, you so crazy.

Deep Tots:
  • 90% of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at...
  • A picture can paint a thousand plot, thy words could be hazardous. Make no mistake...
  • Any of the liners and incidents familiar to us Malaysians? Was it just a conincident?
  • Malay infamous line - "Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa"


Piggy Singh said...

How about this:
"They say I'm a liar, but I'm not yet crazy." Anwar Ibrahim

MANTRA said...

You've got the DSAI's stare...

I will never forget this line from our lame Pak Lah;
Then, what happened?
Every corners of Malaysia is in for it.

Mr. Padedoh said...

I've got another one
"Siapa babi negara? Cakap siapa babi negara."

while the protagonist was saying this, the whole dewan was laughing.

MANTRA said...

Saya cume sebut Projek Babi Negara...

Once he staggered bloggers as monkey... aint he is one now?

Mr. Padedoh said...

i've just entered into wanita minefield, check it out...
need a ladies opinion....

Zubli Zainordin said...

Harta Tahta Lelaki@Wanita

Senapang Patah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Piggy Singh said...

Salam Mantra,

Setiakawans are now bugging me, asking for a retaliation.


It seems that they are looking for a full scale war. Wish that I have the time to fire back, but my day time job consumes too much time.

Mr Zubli, can you come to any assistance? I really appreciate that in anticipation.


Zubli Zainordin said...

I donno what is the story?

Are there bloggers who no one can say anything about Khairy Jamaluddin?

It is fair for views from both sides.

Please proceed.

Me? Knock Pak Lah first.

MANTRA said...


This line has spoken for itself. Written by KJ's fortune soldier - Senapang Patah, "...KJ sekarang ini mengalami defisit dalam persepsi awam."

I wrote this in Senapang Patah's "Jawab Piggy Singh.... Jangan Tak Jawab" comment;

"Jawab Piggy Singh.... Jangan Tak Jawab"

Its a cc to you, just incase he will not have the cheek to publish. I cc the comment to my post too... hehehe

p/s : Its just a pinch of salt to insult our intelligent.

MANTRA said...

Senapang Patah,

Kebodohan Mukhriz ... which line?

Oleh kerana rakyat tidak bodoh, maka kami menolak BN di bawah pimpinan Pak Lah. Ini bukan andaian tetapi realiti... I'm sorry I didnt give my vote to BN for the same reason.

Tun telah bukti rekod selama 22 tahun, BN tidak pernah gagal peroleh 2/3 kemenangan. PakLah cemerlang dengan menghadiahkan 5 negeri kepada pembangkang. Di mana silap Tun dan di mana cemerlang Pak Lah?

Pak Lah tidak bekerjasama dengan pembangkang? Pembebasan Anwar adalah sumbangan kepada kekuatan pembangkang. Siapa yang membebaskan Anwar? Siapa yang sebenar bekerjasama dengan pembangkang?

Sekiranya Mukhriz benar2 melakukan politik wang, lapor saja ke Badan Displin dan buktikan. Mengapa harus menyalak?

Kenapa mesti mengalah kepada kritik? Soal kritik UMNO bukan berlaku baru-baru ini. Tetapi UMNO tetap teguh. Hairan, UMNO sekarang rapuh kepada kritik.


MANTRA said...


The KJ clans demand immunation from us, bloggers... Sorry! They have to earn them.

MANTRA said...


I wrote this in Senapang Patah's "Jawab Piggy Singh.... Jangan Tak Jawab" comment;

Do you think this gimmick will work positively towards Khairy? Or are you guys taking Khairy's credibility to further retardation?

I have to agree with Piggy, how immature and insulting this attempt could be to our intelligent as I dont see much substance to boost their master's credibility.

Once, Khairy branded bloggers as monkeys. What happened now after GE12? He is already in the cage and it seems he is breeding more monkeys of his clan.

This blog is a clear example... Hello KJ, I think you should terminate their service NOW!

Zubli Zainordin said...


Are they paid, or doing this sincerely.

I sense one got tired and comment no more.

InsyaAllah, the rest will cease soon.

I know it is not easy to write goodness all the time for a lousy leader.

Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

Mantra sejak bila puak setiakawan ni kacau blog ni..saya membaca dalam blog piggy...

MANTRA said...


Sejak bila mereka kacau?

Semenjak mereka akui...KJ sekarang ini mengalami defisit dalam persepsi awam." ... I quote their own sentence!

Itu ayat mereka... I pun tumpang megiakan saja... Am I alone in this?

MANTRA said...


If these bloggers are paid by KJ, Im sure KJ will have his head knocking to his knees...

Im sure KJ has a class of his own! These bloggers are just kopitiam lobbyist!

Zubli Zainordin said...


I hope they stick to drinking kopi.

With or without duit kopi.

If they drink what is more kick than kopi, I donno what rubbish they will write.

MANTRA said...

It is so true, zubli... they are just as rubbish as what and where rubbish supposed to be...

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Mantra and everyone,

I've got to hate myself for missing the kopitiam session that you and Zubli were having.

Mr Zubli, if they drink something more kicking than kopi, definitely they will raise KJ status as the lord sivaji.

I'll join your new post soon, just got home.

Zubli Zainordin said...


We are still up to date.

The kopi is still warmy hot.