Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Pakatan Rakyat Is Beginning To Lose:

Ever since they won a few states during the 2008 election, Pakatan Rakyat has been very busy with politics trying to take over yet a few other states for the coming election. PR put their whole soul in tarnishing BN's image as well as making more and more promises. Not just with their ceramahs, they also look out for gap to demonstrate.

For the whole term, PR's 'work' can be seen through their various demonstrations organized by NGOs which would use one another to achieve the same target, to bring down BN government.

Few of them include Bersih 2.0 on July 2011, Bersih 3.0 April 28, 2012, Himpunan Janji Demokrasi on the eve of August 31, 2012, a few series of Himpunan Hijau going against Lynas, Himpunan Royalti Minyak Kelantan, Himpunan 901, series of Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, series of Himpunan Oren going against FGVH's listing and a whole lot of others.

Looking at such strategies, we could expect that PR's political momentum would rise up as the election draw closer. However, we might be wrong.

Only a few months before GE13, PR seem tired 
of politics because they have just done too many.

Their demonstrations are getting less and less attention that even their party's assembly did not show much excitement. For example, DAP's National Congress, the congress only showed low number of attendance, and Muktamar PAS which seemed anti-climax with their bad prayers which hit them afterwards.

Besides that, the recent Himpunan Oren which was held on December 28, was attended by less than 1,000 participants, their target, 30,000, despite of the official orders given by PAS asking their supporters to join the event.
The same thing goes to Himpunan Hijau (hunger strike) on December 27 - 30, which promises this huge convoy of 10,000 cars and motorbikes which will head to Lynas plant, only took around 50 people, such small number.

What's worse is when a few of those hunger strike participants decided to eat in hiding, until their actions were recorded by the media. It seems like the whole event is a bust, and they are the 'final hope' for PR to increase its momentum in facing GE13.

Everyone is aware that Himpunan Oren is led by PAS and Himpunan Hijau is under DAP, with PKR as the 'cover'. That is why, these demonstrations somewhat shows rakyat's support towards PR.

With such small attendance for both of the demonstrations, this clearly show that PR is beginning to fall. It crumbles due to different principals, goals, mixed with racism, extremism, liberal as well as the iron fist leadership which can be seen at all PR leaders which has been the coalition problems and problems from the start.

Time is running out for PR to repair the damage. 
Their leaders' credibility is also growing 
thin in the eyes of rakyat.

The sad thing about PR's destruction is that the states which they rule crumbles along with the party.

Just imagine, within a single term, they managed to clear out a whole jungle and dig up all the sand in the world which led to pollutions and natural disasters, they found a way to isolate bumiputeras, add up numbers of 'entertainment' centres which grew uncontrollably. If they are rule for yet another term, just imagine how much logs would be left in Kedah? How much land would there be enough for Kelantanese? How many more entertainment areas will bloom in Selangor? And how many Malay will be able to survive in the middle of Penang?

Rakyat should be aware of these facts before we all fall with PR just like Sodom and Gomorrah. - Beruang Biru

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