Tuesday, September 16, 2008


16 September : New dawn? New day for Malaysia? Finally the day has arrived!

Last night, the celebration was mesmerizing and PR de facto was told to make surprising announcements such as ... blah.. blah.. blah.. BUT MARK THESE STATEMENTS BELOW WELL!!!

"We have the numbers; the process has begun"

"Tomorrow, emissaries are going to try and meet the PM, and if that doesn't materialise, Anwar will start the process."

The test would be when we are able to disucss this with the PM, giving him ample evidence, in order to ensure peaceful transition. There is no point in harping on racial and religious extremism. Malaysians are now mature.

Pakatan Rakyat has submitted a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today seeking "a meeting for a smooth transition of power".

Deep Tots :
  • PR will start the process for a smooth transition of power between Pak Lah and PR. I really need to get this right... Pak Lah and PR or BN and PR?
  • Last night, Pak Lah and Najib was reported still holding to 2010 for power transition. Only Pak Lah had the coverage, where is Najib? Is Najib planning a U-Turn? Everyone knows - the play safe man, he will wait ... for all he knows, its too late already!!!
  • Sabah is really celebrating the Malaysia Day.. Today is an official holiday for Sabah. They are serious thou.
  • TV3 7 o'clock morning news - they dare not cover the audience presence.
  • Let us just wait, anymore surprises for New Malaysia. Hope Pak Lah and his allies will be ok... Hope Pak Lah wont have last minute program or last minute call to Perth.

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