Saturday, September 20, 2008


BERANI BERUBAH... DARE TO CHANGE by and this is what he said,
"... akan membantu saya untuk lebih mendekati anda semua." and "ia tidak akan menghalang kita untuk sentiasa untuk berinteraksi dan 'stay connected'..."

Mahathir's son, but his own man ... "You may say it's an unfair advantage but I think by now, people would have seen that I'm my own man without needing to delink me from my father."

Deep Tots :
  • Yes, you are Mukhriz, unlike some people... the seasonal politician!
  • What will happen if one day they are no more associated to their old man? Soon.. they will rot and become rancid.
  • These seasonal politicians as the rakyat see them as 'OPPORTUNISTS' and its obvious.
  • You know and we know too...

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Anonymous said...

here comes the wise man... and there goes a fool...