Friday, September 26, 2008


Will UMNO make believe before Oct 9, Pak Lah will decide? Read this carefully;

“I have not announced any decision as far as this particular point is concerned. And I intend to do it before the divisional meetings begin,”

Mirror... Mirror... on the wall, can you show me what will be before Oct 9?

Pak Lah will decide to defend his presidency position before Oct 9 and before division meetings ... 12 days to go!

Did he murmured this conciously? What difference will it make if it is before, during and after Oct 9?

If the mirror shows green, he will go all out to contest. If its red.. he might as well say 'tata'.

But what if its orange? He will postpone again.. this time he will postpone his date line till March next year or he may call another urgent meeting for more surprises that suit his interest.

Another twist from our Mr Clean?

He seeks a smooth 'hand over' rather than a 'take over' of power, so 2010 hand over is no more debated.

Poor UMNO members, they thought this old man can be easily torn down by just hinting the grassroots drift.

Will PR careless Pak Lah's earlier hand over? Will there be a really smooth hand over by March 2009... will there still time to hand over? Mull over Mr Najib!

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