Friday, April 19, 2013


“The decision to use elegant brown for the vehicles is because the colour exudes the ‘excellence gold’ feel. This has never been used before on taxis,” - Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, SPAD chairman. 

The taxi rate would begin from RM3 compared with the executive taxis which start at RM6.

“Proton is committed in providing vehicles with the highest level of comfort and safety as well as making them affordable and reasonably priced,” Proton executive chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil said. Hence, the first batch comprising 1,000 units of the Exora taxis would be ready by June.

The key features of the Exora budget taxi include a spacious cabin, ample legroom and boot space and taxi accessories such as taxi meter, credit/debit card facility and mobile data terminal besides its premium features include two years’ warranty, GPS navigation and the anti-lock braking system.

With all the world class features at an affordable price of RM64,000 plus RM5,000 grant from Yayasan Rakyat 1MDB for a budget taxi, this 1Malaysia Taxi has flaunt to be a "world class" of itself.

 Congratulations to SPAD and Proton! The CUN factor as described here...


Anonymous said...

This cannot be budget taxi. It must be Limo taxi. Better to use Proton Saga as Budget Taxi cost only RM 22,000. I Proton Exora taxi = 3 Proton Saga Taxi. And flag fall rate still the same. Mana ada logic for the owner of the taxi.
Please refine your reading.

Anonymous said...

Refine your reading of the project. The Proton Saga as budget taxi cost RM22,000 and Proton Exora as budget taxi cost RM 64,000. Flag fall for both is RM3.00. Simple. Tell me how can you make money.

Anonymous said...

Proton Exora as Taxi RM 64,000.00 Flag fall rate RM3.00
Proton Saga AS TAXI RM22,000.00 Flag fall rate RM3.00
Please refine your reading. Flag fall rate for Proton Exora should be RM9.00

Anonymous said...

proton saja untung lh ini macam..
xde otak pnye kroni2 proton n goverment

Anonymous said...

Proton Exora taxis should be the executive taxis (7 occupants = 6 passengers + driver), not 5 occupants like saloon-type taxis! Refit the 3rd row seats for next Proton Exora taxis production!

Anonymous said...

Proton Exora taxis should be the executive taxis (7 occupants) not like saloon-type taxis (5 occupants only)! Refit the 3rd row for the next production of Proton Exora taxis!