Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dr Yap? ... What DAP and DongZong need to hide!

Pictures have spoken million messages before and now they are speaking for itself again; and this what fears DAP and Dong Zong... the truth!


  • Yap’s unsuitability for the post of Dong Zong head can be seen from his actions. His integrity and academic capability are in doubt from his acquisition of dubious PhDs.In education, there are no shortcuts to success and recognition... HERE
  • Guess what "Dr" Yap got from Kensington

     Ph.D. Business Administration, Southern Cross University, Aust., 1999. (The Business System of Chinese Corporations in Malaysia and its Future)
    Doctor of Education, Kensington University, USA, 1993. (The Chinese Schools of Malaysia towards the Year 2000)
    Ph.D. Business Administration, Kensington University, USA, 1991. (The Road Transport Service Industry in Malaysia and its Future Development) 

    Interesting leaders these Chinese people have don't you think.... This blogger has indepth truth to tell ...  HERE!

    Mantra : Bogus degree for a Chinese leader? Should you laugh or should you just forget about it?

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Anonymous said...

lol!! fake degree!! but djz building in Kajang so big liao. GIANT!!